👋 Hello. I’m a writer who designs. I strive to create clear, obvious, and humane user experience through microcopies. Currently, I’m at Postman, Bangalore focused on creating and managing UX that scale to global products. This website is a home for things I’ve tried and how I tried.

Why UX Writers should use Figma branching

The UX content decisions should be based on the user experience and not the design frames.

Make your first opensource contribution here

Viewers from my YouTube video are naking their contribution here.

Comic: Breaking UX Writer’s heart 101

Designs change well after the UX Writer has started working on the microcopies. It can be frustrating. Tbh, I’ve done this to designers and developers.

Comic: UX Writer V Developer: Dawn of the bad UX

Building a cohesive user experience means blending responsible words in the app.

I am an early riser and don’t use an alarm

Every morning I wake up around 7 AM without using an alarm.

Comic: Making of a UX Writing Supervillain

Many believe that UX Writing is easy and it takes a few minutes to write a text for a small button. However, the creation of a powerful phrase can take hours.

Comic: Every UX Writer ever

Everyday hilarious problem that UX Writers experience.

How Hacktoberfest 2020 ruined the open source UX Writing contributors

What started as a noble idea has now reduced been to freebie hoarding and spamming event. When project maintainers see UX Writing changes they thought I was a scammer.

Designers & Comedians are the same, yet different!

Designers and Stand Up Comedians are from different lifestyles and industries. But they are more closely related than you think.

Technical Writers thrive on creativity

Many people think Technical Writers develop user manuals which requires no creativity. I’d say it is an oversimplification.