Comic: Breaking UX Writer’s heart 101

Posted on Apr 7, 2021

Bringing the UX Writers early in the design process is always a great choice. To an untrained writer, it can teach a valuable lesson about communication.

UX Writers and Designers come up with different experiments and variations to design the perfect user experience. Because of this, designs change well after the UX Writer has started working on the microcopies. It can be frustrating. Tbh, I’ve done this to designers and developers.

To solve this challenge, communication plays a vital role.

We need to be willing to understand each other’s processes, abilities, and practices to work cohesively.

Talk to the stakeholders frequently and keep in sync about the status. This would avoid everyone from saying, “Yeahhhhh… We changed the….” when it’s too late.

Designed using Figma. Illustrations by Pablo Stanley.

Breaking UX Writer’s heart 101