Technical Writers thrive on creativity

Posted on Jul 24, 2020

Many people think Technical Writers develop user manuals which requires no creativity. I’d say it is an oversimplification.

We need to be able to improvise, adapt, and come up with creative solutions every day.

For example, the below video is from an intro card for a “How To” video I created.

Whatfix intro card

How do you think it was done?

No After Effects.
No Camtasia.
No iMovie or any of the video editing tools.

I used Figma’s prototyping to create all the animations and recorded it using QuickTime player. Stitched everything using iMovie.

Earlier this process relied on designers and that didn’t give us a lot of freedom to make changes on-the-go. Now, it’s all in-team.

Technical Writers are always learning. It is not a skill that can’t be perfected overnight. But, which skill is?

You can become a good writer only by listening to feedback, experience, and trying out new ideas.

The world needs Technical Writers. We are your last line of defence against complex information.

Technical Writers are there for users like Robin is there for Batman.